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so many things have changed in two years. i found my love. he justs lets me be me. i don't have to wear certain clothes, talk a certain way, or anything like that. he's opened my eyes to what a real friendship is, and i am such a happy person just in general. i could write a novel on him, but i'd hate to brag. I love you, neil!

i ended things with two best friends. after leaving one, i practically lost 50 pounds of stress (figuratively, =P) and am enjoying my life so much more, the other i still cry over occasionally. we were supposed to be wrinkly together.

sophia and francesca have grown so much. i don't even notice they're only 2 and 3. i have real conversations with them, and they gave me like the best summer of my life, and now we're not babysitting them anymore, it feels so sad and empty.

school is ridiculous without gabby. she moved to ohio. neil doesnt respond to gossip like she does. =(!

homes crappy right now. money's a rarity, and i can't keep up with demands.


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    hahahahhaa my old posts

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    School is in a month. People date people they barely know. I don't get to go to Florida after all.

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